Does Florida Attorney Die From 3 Different Cell Phone Induced Cancers?

Brain Cancer /Hand Cancer/Aorta Cancer

Sadly, Florida Attorney Jimmy Gonzalez has succumbed to several DIFFERENT cancers ALL caused by cell phone radiation exposure!


Since Jimmy’s warning about cell phones causing GBM (Glioblastoma) brain tumors, there is a rapidly growing list of political brain tumor deaths potentially linked to wireless radiation exposure that now includes the very honored Senator John McCain, who has succumbed to his GBM (Glioblastoma) diagnosis.

VP Joe Biden’s Son Beau Biden Dies From Same Cell Phone Brain Tumor as Jimmy Gonzalez

Senator John McCain Dies From Same Cell Phone Brain Tumor as Jimmy Gonzalez

Jimmy vs. Cell Phone Induced Cancer – A battle Jimmy fought to the end, and it is a battle RF Safe will continue in his dedication along with all the other lives which have been destroyed by a tradition of wireless profits before people.

Our prayers go out to Jimmy Gonzalez’s wife, children, and family! I’ve felt their pain and frustration over the issue of RF Radiation exposure. I also attribute my daughter Angel Leigh Coates’s death to RF Radiation exposure. Just as Jimmy did, RF Safe will continue this battle through to our last breaths too! God Bless You, Jimmy!

“CELL PHONES DO CAUSE CANCER” – Jimmy Gonzalez (Obituary) February 20, 1972 – November 27, 2014


Jimmy Gonzalez Cell Phone Cancer Brain Cancer, Hand Cancer, Cancer In Chest Near Cell Phone Pocket . 1 person 3 cell phone cancers


South Florida Attorney Jimmy Gonzalez testifies in front of the Pembroke Pines Fl Commission regarding the dangers of cell phone use and how using his cell phone for a period of 10 years for well over 30 minutes a day caused cancer to appear in the very spots on his body where his cell phone was heavily used…

Commissioners in Pembroke Pines have passed a resolution to warn residents about potential cancer dangers related to cellphone radiation.

The resolution, believed to be the first of its kind in the state, encourages residents to keep their cellphones at least one-inch away from their bodies, use a headset or speakerphone and send messages by text or email, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

“Our city’s resolution isn’t about creating panic and alarm,” said Commissioner Angelo Castillo. “It’s about raising awareness in a responsible way to ensure that the health of all cellphone users is protected.”

The resolution was passed after resident Jimmy Gonzalez told the commission about his brush with cancer, which he believes was caused by his cell phone.

Gonzalez had a cancerous tumor above his left ear removed in August 2011, a year after he’d had another tumor removed from his left hand.

“One day, it came to me,” Gonzalez told the Sun-Sentinel, “maybe there’s something in common with my hand and head.”

Gonzalez, an attorney who used to use his cell phone for several hours a day, is now cancer-free.

“Do I have 100 percent scientific study that can say well this is what caused it?” Gonzalez told NBC 6 South Florida Tuesday. “No but I can’t think of anything that would explain this otherwise.”

Some studies from the World Health Organization, Government Accountability Office and National Cancer Institute say cellphones could be linked to cancer, but scientists say more research is necessary.

Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank Ortiz feels it’s his obligation to inform residents of even the slightest health risk.

“Cities do that, they make people aware of other cities or people that have something wrong with them or something else like that, and I think that’s our job to make people aware of these things,” Ortiz said.


Commissioners plan to send the Pembroke Pines resolution to agencies across the state to encourage other cities to pass similar resolutions.


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4 thoughts on “Does Florida Attorney Die From 3 Different Cell Phone Induced Cancers?

  1. John C. says:

    I find this article deeply concerning. The fact that multiple individuals have developed different types of cancer in the exact locations where they held their cell phones is alarming and warrants further investigation. While there is still much we don’t know about the potential dangers of cell phone radiation, studies have shown a link between long-term exposure and an increased risk of certain types of cancer.

    It is encouraging to see that some municipalities are taking action to inform residents about the potential risks of cellphone radiation and providing guidelines for safer use. However, it is important for individuals to also take personal responsibility for their own health and limit their exposure to cellphone radiation when possible.

    I am curious about the specific types of cancer that Jimmy Gonzalez developed besides GBM brain tumors. Were they also in locations where he held his cell phone close to his body? It would be informative to know if there is a pattern of cancer development related to specific areas of cellphone use.

    Overall, this article highlights the need for further research and caution around cellphone radiation exposure. We cannot afford to ignore potential health risks, especially when lives are at stake.

    • Grace H. says:

      #cellphoneradiation #healthrisks #cancerprevention

      Thank you for bringing attention to this critical issue. I fully agree with your analysis that we need to take a closer look at the potential dangers of cellphone radiation. The fact that multiple people have developed different types of cancer in the same areas where they held their cell phones is a clear indication that something is awry.

      It is encouraging to see that some municipalities are taking action, but we need to do more to spread awareness about this issue. One of the most important steps individuals can take is to limit their exposure to cellphone radiation. This means using a headset or speakerphone instead of holding the phone close to their head, and avoiding carrying their phones in their pockets or on their bodies.

      I completely agree with your point that we need more research to understand the specific types of cancer that can be caused by cellphone radiation. It is also important to investigate whether there is a correlation between specific areas of cellphone use and cancer development.

      It is time for us to take this issue seriously and protect ourselves from potential health risks. We cannot ignore the potential dangers of cellphone radiation, and we must do everything in our power to prevent the spread of cancer. Thank you for your thoughtful comment and for raising awareness about this critical issue.

  2. Katie W. says:

    I found this article to be both insightful and deeply troubling. The fact that Jimmy Gonzalez suffered from multiple types of cancer, all located in areas where he held his cell phone, is a clear indication that there is a connection between cell phone usage and cancer. It is heart-wrenching to know that his advocacy for this issue was not enough to prevent his own tragic death from this terrible disease.

    I commend the actions taken by the Pembroke Pines Commission to warn residents about the potential dangers of cell phone radiation. It is important to take precautions and educate the public about the risks associated with excessive cell phone usage. I hope more municipalities will follow in their footsteps and implement similar ordinances.

    My heart goes out to Jimmy Gonzalez’s family and loved ones, as well as to all those who have lost someone to cancer caused by cell phone radiation exposure. It is vital that we continue to raise awareness about this issue and work towards finding solutions to mitigate the risks. Rest in peace, Jimmy. Your legacy will not be forgotten.

    • Hazel X. says:

      Dear Katie W.,

      I appreciate your comment on this article regarding the potential link between cell phone usage and cancer. I understand your skepticism regarding the evidence presented. However, I must caution against dismissing this issue entirely without further investigation.

      While it is true that there is no conclusive evidence linking cell phone radiation to cancer, it is important to acknowledge that the research in this area is still in its early stages. Studies are ongoing, and we must remain vigilant and open-minded to new findings.

      Furthermore, even if the evidence is inconclusive at present, it is still wise to take precautions when using cell phones. The World Health Organization has classified cell phone radiation as a possible carcinogen, and the American Cancer Society recommends limiting cell phone usage and using hands-free devices when possible.

      In conclusion, I urge caution and further investigation into this issue. We must not dismiss the potential risks of cell phone radiation without proper consideration, and we must take proactive steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Thank you for engaging in this important discussion.

      Hazel X.

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