Cell Phone Radiation Greater Risks For Children

Conscious weighing heavy on some doctors about the harmful effects of cell phone radiation. The most important thing that they are starting to mention is how RF exposure could be more harmful to children. With thinner skulls and developing brains the radiation coming off the phone could be exceeding what the FCC has said was “safe” 20 years ago on a 200lb 6 foot man.

What happens to the world when they are told two sides to one story? And both sides could be very convincing especially with compelling evidence linking cell phone radiation to cancers and other health effects, and then a lot of money being spent hiding the truth to protect a billion dollar industry.

See What They Want You to See

As people we tend to believe what we want to believe, and with most of us living on wireless devices all day, why would we want to believe that cell phones could be harmful, and possibly deadly.

With so many doctors also seeing connections to non-ionizing radiation and the increase in the development of illnesses such as cancer, and some birth defects. It makes me question the integrity of the doctors who continue to say there is no links to cell phones and cancer.

To think there are doctors out there ignoring science for money, makes me wonder who can we trust to find out the truth about how harmful non-ionizing radiation really is.

What does the Pediatricians have to say?

Some pediatricians have spoken up and said that they “could” be more harmful to children. Which is a great start, but considering that children are the future shouldn’t we be more concerned. Why aren’t more doctors looking at cell phone use and seeing the many red flags?

With FCC testing outdated and flawed in so many ways how are we not looking at children at being of higher risks to the effects of non-ionizing radiation. Especially considering they have been exposed from practically the time of conception.

Studies have shown increases in birth defects such as ADHD and Autism, Dr. Martha Herbert says Whereas it used to be thought that parents who claimed that their children had regressed into autism were naive new parents who had missed earlier signs of abnormality, regression of previously essentially healthy infants and toddlers into autism is now solidly documented; this suggests that autism may develop — and contingently so, depending on the accumulation of exposures and circumstances — rather than be predetermined and hardwired prenatally or even from conception”

What can you do?

As parents, grandparents, family members, and friends of a child somewhere we need to demand more studies, we need to learn more about this growing epidemic. What happens when Autism is 1:1, there will be no going back.
Taking steps such as texting more than talking, using speaker phone, and protective gear to reduce overall exposure.

What gear are we talking about?DEMO2

Currently RF Safe offers a Maternity Apron for before and after pregnancy, this product is even useful for after the child is born, it is great for toddlers and their beloved tablet. We also carry Women’s EMF/RF V-Neck Shirt, Men’s Pocket T-Shirt, and Men’s boxers. Protecting you and future children from the harmful effects of RF radiation.



We also are introducing in a little over a month a line of baby gear to protect baby after birth. We will be featuring baby onesies, beanies, baby sleeping bags, and a super soft blanket. All of these will have silver fiber materials in them protecting baby from being over exposed to cell phones.