New Study Suggests EMR Changes Important Hormone Levels For Fetal Development

In a recent study on Electromagnetic Radiation and the effects it has on pregnant rats and their offspring results shows a decrease in vital hormones, such as Prolactin, progesterone, and estrogen, and increase in oxidative stress. What does this mean for fetal development?


News stations everywhere are talking about pediatricians suggesting to parents to reduce the amount of time kids are spending on cell phones and tablets. Yet you also see in these other headlines about how cell phones are not harmful to children or adult.

When a survey of nearly 300 parents revealed 75% of four-year-olds have their own mobile device, and 20% of one-year-olds had their own tablet and about one in four parents admitted they use a mobile device to put their children to sleep.

Even if doctors can’t say cell phones are dangerous, does that mean that doctors should say they are safe, especially when there clearly needs to be updates to all testing involved.

SAR testing being completely out dated it’s not OK to continue to ignore the possible health effects of cell phone radiation.  Doctors everywhere are becoming more concerned with the effects of long term cell phone radiation exposure. New studies showing increased risk for pregnant women and fetal development there has to be an in risk to all adults and children.

SAR TESTING INFO- Keep in mind the “standardized models of the human head and body” is a 6ft 200lb man, and the “various specific positions against the dummy head and body, to simulate the way different users’ typically hold a cell phone” are really various distances consumer SHOULD hold there phone NOT necessarily where consumers hold there phone.

Cell phones having become more popular to younger age groups parents should be more concerned on what the effects of long term exposure can have. Below is break down on just how important these particular hormones are to the development of a healthy baby, and how decreased amounts can have negative effects on fetal development.


Electromagnetic radiation exposure causes a decrease in prolactin levels according to this study done by The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and The Department of Biophysics.

Prolactin is responsible for the formation of oligodendrocytes, which are responsible for the formation of myelin coatings around the axons of the central nervous system. Prolactin also contributes to pulmonary surfactant synthesis, surfactant is what creates surface tension in the lungs to prevent collapse of the lungs during expiration.

Prolactin promotes neurogenesis in maternal and fetal brains and immune tolerance of the fetus by the maternal organism during pregnancy. Decreased prolactin levels can lead to many problems in fetal development, and survival.


EMR also decreases progesterone and estrogen levels that help prepare uterus for the development of the fetus. Estrogen maintains uterine lining, steps up blood circulation, and activates other hormones needed for pregnancy. Estrogen also triggers development of organs and bone density for developing arms and legs.

Progesterone prepares uterus lining for implantation of fetus by thickening the lining to the uterus. It also nurtures fetus during pregnancy to help maintain uterus lining.


Oxidative stress plays a very important role in fetal development, it can have both positive and negative effects depending on the balance of antioxidants and oxidants.During certain periods in development, the embryo is more or less susceptible to oxidative stress, and teratogens.

A teratogen is an agent, which can cause a birth defect. It is usually something in the environment that the mother may be exposed to during her pregnancy, such as polution, cigarettes, and microwave radiation whether it comes from a phone or your microwave oven. 

Oxidative stress is a complex system, affecting in a complex way the female fertility, and pregnancy outcome. Graham J. Burton, MD, DSc, Professor of Reproductive Biologya,∗ and Eric Jauniaux, MD, PhD, Professor in Obstetrics and Fetal Medicineb propose that spontaneous miscarriage, early onset pre-eclampsia and Intrauterine growth restriction represent a spectrum of placental oxidative stress-related disorders.

The development of the fetus occurs in a relatively low-oxygen environment. It is highly sensitive to injury to oxidant molecules because of its low antioxidant capacity. As placentation progresses, there is increased oxygen transfer, which increases the cellular generation of ROS. A delicate balance must exist between optimal oxygen levels and the generation of ROS molecules during gestational periods of embryonic and fetal development.


Looking at numerous studies that show how important a balance of these hormones are to the developing fetus the possibilities seem endless as to effects of change these delicate hormone levels. Considering this new study showing that electromagnetic radiation, from wireless devices, can cause changes in these hormones proves that cell phones do effect the developing fetus with excessive exposure.


Right to KnowHow many studies need to be done before someone truly sees how important changing the way consumers use cell phones really is. Considering cell phones has this kind of effect on developing fetuses tucked away safe inside mom, what are the effects of cell phones that are being used by children everywhere?

Why isn’t Berkley fighting the CTIA further on the Right to Know Ordinance? Why is it acceptable to allow the removal of the warning to parents that children could be at greater risk?

The ordinance should state that children could be at greater risk, especially when children are still developing, just like a baby inside a women, and these changes in the body can lead to long term health effects.

If it’s safe to say that cell phones have effect adults, then it’s safe to say that cell phones have an effect on children, even more so developing babies in or out of the womb.


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