RF Safe New Year’s Resolutions – Lower Potential Health Risk From Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

Start the New Year off healthy by taking the necessary steps to limit risk from cell phone radiation exposure. RF Safe wants cell phone users to make it their new year’s resolution to protect themselves and love-ones from potentially hazardous microwave radiation.

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) December 23, 2013

cellphones-kill-rfsafe-picketsHealthy habits are on everyone’s top list for the new year. RF Safe is reminding everyone, especially parents for their children to make a daily conscious effort to reduce cell phone radiation risk using simple precautionary RF Safe cell phone accessories.

December 20, 2013 Microwave News reported that doctors around the world are questioning the alarming increases in brain tumors. Many questions still exist with regards to cell phone radiation and cancer, but it is clear there is a sharp rise in the instance rate. http://microwavenews.com/news-center/something-rotten-denmark

Hans Skovgaard Poulsen, the head of neuro-oncology at Copenhagen University Hospital was quoted in the release as saying that this was a “frightening development.” The number of men diagnosed with glioblastoma, the most malignant type of brain cancer, had doubled over the last ten years. Source http://tinyurl.com/bjt93lh

It’s easy to nearly eliminate the risk of brain cancer from cell phone radiation. According to John Coates “People have to forget everything most everyone has told them about how to reduce cell phone brain cancer risk”.    John says that most doctors mistakenly tout the use of wired hands free headsets to put distance between the cell phone and user. https://www.rfsafe.com/cell-phone-radiation-exposure-increases-using-wired-hands-free-headsets/

If you take the time to understand the physics of radio frequency (RF) radiation this suggestion of using a wired headset is a counter productive safety measure. Wired hands free headsets suggested by many people in trusted positions are actually increasing radiation exposure to the brain! Even the FCC clearly makes this mistake when suggesting the use of wired hands free headset on their website.

Electromagnetic radiation follows a very consistent set of rules in nature. Once you understand how cell phones work, there’s no surprise that when cell phone user plugs in a wired headset into a cell phone and then plugs that same wire into their head – the copper wire will conduct RF radiation directly into a cell phone users skull through the ear canal – this entry point just so happens to be one of the only unprotected parts of the brain. John continues by saying “This is all common sense!”

RF Safe Headsets are designed to prevent microwave radiation from traveling up a headset’s conductive wire into a users head by incorporating the use of a very thin non-conductive air-tube between the headset’s speakers to earbuds.

RF Safe headsets are available in fashionable colors with a sleek design. The super clear sound is delivered to users ears just like a doctor’s stethoscope. RF Safe headsets have no wires leading into a users head which makes it easy to safely use a cell phone when speakerphone or sending a text isn’t a good option.

RF Safe Air tube headsets are the perfect gift for young children getting a smart phone for Christmas this year. It’s proven that in the likelihood of danger from cell phone radiation, children are at greater risk because their skulls are thinner and brains are still developing. Parents must take this seriously for the sake of their children.

RF Safe makes a suggestion for everyone that wants to start the 2014 new year off healthy by adding cell phone radiation safety to their list of New Year’s Resolutions.    RF Safe’s three piece safe cell phone package just makes it easy sticking to this year’s New Year’s Resolution to live a smart healthy lifestyle.

RF Safe’s 2014 pledge to the fight against breast cancer – RF Safe will donate $1 for each PINK RF Safe pocket or purse shield sold through the 2014 calendar year. Learn more about the link between cell phone radiation and breast cancer by the breast cancer surgeons behind making the Bra the “No Phone Zone” movement at rfsafe.com
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