RF Safe Sees Hyper Growth In Protection From Potential Cell Phone Radiation Hazards

An internet based company founded 18yrs ago to provide protection from dangerous non-ionizing levels of microwave radiation proves to be the leader of a growing industry.  The small company started in Aspen, Colorado focused on radio frequency radiation safety back when there were only 33 million cell phones in the USA – where today their market has grown to over 7 billion active cell phones globally by year’s end.

John Coates, founder of RF Safe, talks about the outlook for the internet based manufacturer/distributor of cell phone radiation safety accessories.  John said “RF Safe is in “hyper growth” and 2014 holiday sales are up 30 times greater than last year”.    John says the growth is mainly because his worst fears for consumers of cell phones 18 years ago are being proven 100% correct with studies showing over and over the adverse health effects from long term exposure to microwave radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices .

RF Safe took one from Apple’s playbook by expanding its manufacturing capabilities to meet global demand with new facilities in Shanghai, China.  John said “we have worked hard building a streamlined process to deliver the highest quality air-tube headset on the market that keeps up with global demand ”

RF Safe’s air tube headsets first gained news attention in way back in 2001 when reviewed in the Wall Street Journal’s Gadget Review.  The big difference between a normal wired headset and a RF Safe headset is that the common wired headset has a wire that leads directly into the ear canal.  The wire that connects to the speaker in one’s  ear can act as an antenna and channel RF (radio frequency) radiation directly into the brain.

Test have shown that typically used wired headsets increase microwave radiation exposure by up to 300% because it’s no different than sticking the phones antenna directly in your ear.  To rectify this problem with conventional wired headsets, RF Safe adopted the use of a thin patented air tube design between the headset’s speaker and ear bud which eliminates the wire transferring microwave radiation into a cell phone users head.   Basically RF Safe’s headset works like a doctors stethoscope which channels only sound waves through an air-tube into the ear, this eliminates exposure to electromagnetic waves conventional headsets channel directly into a users head.

While air-tube headsets are RF Safe’s hottest item this holiday season for parents looking to control phone radiation their children are exposed to, it’s by far only a small part of the innovations RF Safe has done for cell phone safety.   RF Safe pioneered low SAR interferometric  array antenna technology that’s now used in embedded antennas which John claims is the future of radiation safe cell phones.  More can be read about smart ultra low SAR antenna technology at Vortis Technology www.vortistechnology.com

RF Safe also addresses concerns of where the phone is held next to the body when not in use, as the phone is still emitting microwave radiation searching for cell phone towers and even burst to its highest radiation output level just before the phone rings.   Just where a phone is carried has been a popular topic with media and medical professionals as there has been a uptick is breast cancer in very young women in their 20’s with no genetic predisposition for breast cancer.

And to no surprise to RF Safe, the cancer is not only in the area wh

ere the cell phone is held, but in the shape of the cell phone as well.   This has been reported by several breast cancer surgeons and has even started a breast cancer awareness movement  to make a women’s bra a “No Phone Zone”.  In support of the nophonezone movement to fight breast cancer www.nophoneinbra.com  RF Safe will donate $1 for every pink RF Safe pocket or purse shield sold.  RF Safe cell phone radiation shields simply slip into a pocket or purse providing a shielded barrier between a cell phone user and the microwave radiation they emit.

To learn more about the hazards of long term cell phone radiation exposure (especially for  young children) and the easy things users can do to protect themselves visit www.rfsafe.com


cell phone radiation sar head
cell phone radiation sar head


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